To date, we have produced ~40 Gift of a Lifetime's.  Each has been very well-received.

The most common responses:  "It was really great." & "We loved it."

The Biggest Worry:  The biggest worry seems to be that while showing the Gift of a Lifetime at an event, the video might be too long causing the guests to get antsy.  At the Flack's BarMitzvah, for example, the Flacks ordered the Premiere Gift of a Lifetime which is ~ 25 minutes in length.  Mrs. Flack was concerned that the guests, especially the kids, would get bored.  We assured her that it was a really entertaining video and no one would get bored.  The reason we were so sure...we showed the video to people who did not know the Flacks, yet they enjoyed the entire video.  We reasoned, if strangers enjoyed the video so much, surely family and friends would love it.  Lo and behold the week after the event, Mrs. Flack called and said, "The length of the Gift of a Lifetime was just right.  Everybody loved it."

Funniest Response:  The funniest response was from our Aunt Polly, who we surprised by producing and showing the Gift of a Lifetime at her 75th Birthday Party.  She thought it was wonderful but she said that while she was watching the video of her life, and all of the tributes, she kind of got the feeling she was attending her own eulogy.  But she loved it, and a month later, her son Jimmy was taking her Gift of a Lifetime out of the house to show someone, and Polly said, "Oh no honey, that stay's here, after all it's my life!"

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