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Thank You

Just wanted to let you know James and Tony were great! Sarah had a wonderful time.

Thank you.
Roz R.

I've been meaning to email you all week to thank you for sending two fabulous DJ's to our Mitzvah. Julia and her friends had a blast with Jamie and Tony!!I can't even tell you how many guests came up to me to compliment the DJ's..The adults loved them as much as the kids and everyone was out shake'n it up on the dance floor..Jamie was adorable when I had a music malfunction from the computer with my montage..He assured me the guests just like looking at the pictures and and he was right!He let me realize that it's no big deal and just move on..It was the most memorable evening and your two awesome DJ's were a big part of it!!Thank you for making my party a huge success!!
take care,

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